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Hi, I'm SATORU from JAPAN. Since I was born, I live in Japan for about 30 years. I tell you various information of JAPAN on my website. If you are interested in Japan, please check our website. hobby is skiing. So, in Winter, I go skiing to the mountain for almost every week. If you need winter information of Japan, let me know. I will tell you.

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Imperial Palace East Gardens , this garden has long history.

Imperial Palace East Gardens The Imperial Palace East Garden are open to the people and are part of the interior palace place. They're the former...

Zojoji (temple), this temple is the head temple in the Kanto Region!!

Zojoji Standing next to the Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple is the head temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism in the Kanto Region. The...

Mt. Takao, very nice mountain. If you are beginner this is no problem, easy...

Mt.Takao Mount Takao is among the natural recreation areas that are closest to central Tokyo, offering wonderful scene, an intriguing temple and trekking opportunities that...