Imperial Palace East Gardens , this garden has long history.


Imperial Palace East Gardens

The Imperial Palace East Garden are open to the people and are part of the interior palace place. They’re the former website of Edo Castle innermost circles of defense, ninomaru and the honmaru. Not one of the principal buildings continue today, but the moats, walls, entry gates and guardhouses that are several still exist. Edo Castle was the residence of the shogun Tokugawa, who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867. Before moving to the recently built Imperial Palace Emperor Meiji also lived there from 1868 to 1888. The remaining base of the former fortress tower and a broad yard can be located at the top of the hill, where the innermost buildings of the citadel once stood.



The fortress tower was finished in 1638 as the tallest fortress tower in the history of Japan. But only several years after in 1657, citywide fires ruined it and is not reconstructed since. Instead former buildings on the secondary circle of Defense at the base of the hill, a fine Japanese style garden was created.


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