NHK Studio Park, NHK is the largest TV broadcaster in Japan.


NHK Studio Park

NHK is Japan’s public TV and radio broadcaster. Its headquarters are located next to Yoyogi Park, in Shibuya, Tokyo. NHK Studio Park is part of the NHK Broadcasting Centre which is open to the people. For a modest entrance fee, visitors are given an opportunity to look behind the scenes of NHK broadcast medium by it. At NHK Studio Park, visitors can discover how TV programs, like popular morning plays and the historic Taiga Drama, are being recorded. On weekdays from 1: 27pm, visitors may see the national live broadcast of the talk plan Studio Park Kara Konnichiwa from behind the scenes.


Additionally, visitors can participate in hands on experiences in program creation and voice dubbing, including the generation of a news program. Additionally, there are a 3D theatre, an archive of popular TV programs of the past, and advice about present programs that are popular, its history and NHK. Eventually, there exists a shop where NHK goods that are associated can be bought.