“Yebis Garden Place” is “Garden”? No, it is not “Garden”.


What is “Yebisu Garden Place”?

Yebisu Garden Place is among the most enjoyable cities of Tokyo in the city. Consisting of skyscrapers and about a dozen buildings, it features a big array of eateries and stores including the Michelin three star Chateau Restaurant Taillvent Robuchon, the Westin Tokyo resort, a Mitsukoshi department store, offices, residential spaces and photography museum. Yebisu Garden Place is constructed on the former site of the beer brewery, where the still present Yebisu Beer brand was brewed since 1890. Interestingly, it was the beer brand which gave its name to the after growing town and railway station of Ebisu, rather than the other way round. The first brewery is commemorated by the Museum of Yebisu Beer, shows exhibits about science and the history of beer brewing in Japan and the world while offering beer tasting.



Following a visit to the beer museum, you might want to contemplate a meal and drink at the beer eatery Beer Station. Ebisu is the contemporary way to write Yebisu, as the e have almost entirely vanished from the modern Japanese language and replaced similar kana characters and the syllable “ye”.

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