Local and old town “Sugamo”. Please feel the local and old culture.


Local town “Sugamo”

Sugamo is a shopping district along the Yamanote Line of Tokyo that magnificently panders to older people. The district’s popular, 800 metre long Jizo Dori shopping road can also be affectionately known as the Old Ladies Harajuku in lighthearted contrast to the standing as one of Japan’s leading youthful shopping and trend destinations of the Harajuku district. Over 200 stores line the level and disability accessible shopping road that sell clothing, conventional food along with other goods advertised toward older people. Among the hottest things is the signature of the district red panties, which comes in many different designs and is believed to bring fortune to the wearer.


Sugamo pounded rice cakes which contain sweet bean paste, can also be known because of its traditional sweets, particularly Shio Daifuku and salt to moderate the sweetness. The first reason behind the popularity of Sugamo is located at Koganji Temple midway down the shopping street. The modest temple is home to the tremendously popular Togenuki Jizo statue which depicts the Jizo Bodhisattva that is popular and is believed to help cure ailments. Folks line up in a queue to wash the statue with little hand towels which they subsequently press to their sickly body part in expectation of relief. When the temple holds a modest festival Sugamo becomes especially exciting on the 4th, fourteenth and 24th of every month.


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