Sumida Aquariumu nearby Tokyo Skye Tree!!


What is “Sumida Aquarium”?

The Sumida Aquarium is among the main attractions of Tokyo Skytree City complex which was started in Tokyo in May 2012. The reasonably sized, and attractively designed contemporary aquarium houses over 10, 000 sea creatures on the fifth and sixth floors of Tokyo Solamachi, a shopping and entertainment complex in the foundation of the Tokyo Skytree. The decoration of the aquarium is its 350 thousand litre tank, the biggest open interior tank in Japan, which will be home to tons of several fur seals and penguins. The tank was created with thick, clear glass walls with practically no observable supports to hide your view, and enables the animals to be seen by visitors from nearly any angle.

The aquarium also features research laboratory and a fantastic jellyfish display, as well as tanks representing the habitats around the Izu Islands, Tokyo Bay and the Ogasawara Islands.

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