Sekai no Owari

Sekai no Owari is a group, originating from Tokyo. The group is made in the year In 2007 and consists of four members: DJ Love, and Nakajin, Fukase, Saori. Since their introduction they’ve released 3 albums and different singles as well as offering in their very own documentary film TOKYO FANTASY’. The group has performed at the famous Nissan Stadium, the greatest concert venue of Japan and are considered to be among the biggest music acts from Japan.

Concerts and their live performances are additionally subject to commend being considered among the most greatest quality created musical occasions world-wide frequently being compared with music festivals like ultra and tomorrowland music festival. The members of the group also have produced and composed other content for groups and several Japanese vocalists and lead singer Fukase has impressed a synthesized Vocaloid identity of himself. In 2016 the group anticipated to be released in 2017 and announced their plans to debut worldwide with an English language record now in production. The group has previously collaborated with some other world known musicians such as Nicky Romero and Owl City.