Yasukuni Shrine is… historic monuments in Japan. We check it once!!


Yasukuni Shrine is….

The shrine was founded with the purpose of enshrining those that died in the war for their state and given their lives to help establish the basis for a peaceful Japan in 1869. The tones of about 2.5 million individuals, who died for Japan in the battles accompanying the Meiji Restoration, in the Satsuma Rebellion, the First Sino Japanese War, the Russo Japanese War, the World War I, the Manchurian Incident, the Second Sino Japanese War and the Pacific War, are enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine in sort of written records, which notice name, source and date and location of departure of everybody enshrined.


The representative cherry tree of Tokyo. A political controversy encompasses Yasukuni Shrine since 1978, fourteen class A war criminals happen to be among the 2.5 million individuals enshrined at Yasukuni. Also, the visits to the shrine since 1975 by many Japanese prime ministers and cabinet members happen to be causing problems involving a breach of the principle of separation of state and church.


Next to the shrine buildings stands a big museum that celebrates Japan’s wars from an old-fashioned Japanese view with in-depth info in English, the Yushukan. Around the shrine grounds to stand numerous cherry trees including the representative cherry tree which is utilized by the meteorological bureau to pronounce the official opening of the flowers in the city of Tokyo.