Hama Rikyu nearby Hamamatsu-cho in Tokyo. Feel the old Japanese Culture!!!


What is Hama Rikyu?

Hama Rikyu, is a big, appealing Landscape Park in central Tokyo. Situated alongside Tokyo Bay, Hama Rikyu features a teahouse on the island, where visitors can rest and relish the scene, and seawater ponds which shift degree with the tides. The traditionally styled garden stands in marked comparison to the skyscrapers of the next Shiodome district. The garden has served several functions over the centuries. It had been initially constructed throughout the Edo Period as the Tokyo home and duck hunting property of a feudal lord, but afterwards functioned as an imperial palace that was indifferent and as a wandering garden before finally being opened to the people in its present type.


Vestiges of those old parts are still observable during the garden including the remains of a classic moat and re-built stone wall, and several reconstructed duck hunting blinds. Hama Rikyu is not unattractive in any season. Even though not as well-known because of its fall leaves since some of the other gardens around Tokyo, it provides lots of other and maple, ginkgo trees that show their lovely autumn colours between late Nov and early December. Plum blossoms are brought by late February, whilst the springtime cherry blossom season from late March to early April can also be fine, but somewhat subdued when compared with other hanami places within the city.


Other species of flowers blossom in springtime including fields of canola and peony blossoms. An outstanding, free English audio guide is available in Hama Rikyu which contains several self directed walking classes throughout the garden. The lessons vary in total from 60-90 minutes and use images and video to describe trees, flowers and the various historic places that you could see the way along. The electronic guide is available at Nakanogomon Gate entries and the Otemon.