Gyouza!! Dumplings full of ground meat and vegetables! Very delicious!



Gyoza wrapped in a thin dough and are dumplings full of ground meat and vegetables. In addition known as pot stickers, gyoza originated from China, but became a popular dish in Japan. The typical gyoza filling contains cabbage, nira chives, green onion, ground pork, ginger, garlic, soybean sauce and sesame oil, however many innovative gyoza stores have appear with a variety of other fillings.


Yaki Gyoza.

Yaki gyoza are probably the most typical kind of gyoza. They’re pan fried in hot frying pan before a concoction of cornstarch and water is poured in and everything is covered for several minutes. The cornstarch and water mixture can help to steam the gyoza, which makes them succulent and soft when creating a crispy underside that is thin on the person gyoza. Yaki gyoza are usually served with the crispy bottom side upward. Hanetsuki gyoza is the term used when the person gyoza pieces are linked by the thin crispy bottom.


Sui Gyoza.

Sui gyoza are boiled gyoza which are frequently served in a broth that was very light. They may be mostly seen at Chinese restaurants and specialised gyoza eateries and not as common than yaki gyoza.


Age Gyoza.

Age gyoza are crispy, deep fried gyoza mostly seen at gyoza and Chinese specialty eateries, but seldom encountered elsewhere.



The way to love gyoza.

Gyoza are located nationally at a modest number of gyoza specialty shops, Chinese restaurants, izakaya and ramen shops. An average portion of gyoza includes prices around 300 to 600 yen and about half a dozen dumplings. Gyoza are often eaten with dipping sauce made at the table of equivalent quantities of vinegar and soy sauce. A little bit of chili oil can also be usually added. Gyoza are especially popular in the towns of Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture and Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which fight for top gyoza eating annually. A feature of Hamamatsu gyoza is the inclusion of bean sprouts at the top of the gyoza. Both towns have more and more gyoza specialty stores some of that offer gyoza with less traditional fillings like cheese, mushroom, shrimp or shiso leaf.