Legend band “ZONE”. They were very famous band…but now,…



Area was all female pop rock group began in Sapporo, Japan in 1999. They turned to an all female band although it originally started as a dancing group. Zone was categorized in a brand new music genre. The group was initiated and managed by Studio RunTime and released their first single, Good Days, under the leading record label Sony Records, on Feb 7, 2001. The group has formally finished on March 2, 2013. Their most well-known tune is Secret Base, released on August 8, 2001. The single sold on Japanese Oricon charts.




Zone started off with eight members in 1997, subsequently reduced to six and eventually to four – Mizuho Saito, Miyu Nagase, Maiko Sakae, and Takayo Ookoshi – by the time they launched their first indie disk in 1999.

A representative of Sony Records, Tadayuki Ominami, found that the audience reaction to the debut concert of the group was especially excited. Initially, Zone was completely focused on dancing and sing. Ominami believed that, because of the overabundance of dancing group, zone had the makings of the development act, provided they might play their instruments as well as sing and dance and saw a live video of the group playing with instruments at the KomeKome Klub. In late 2003, Takayo Ookoshi declared her departure from Zone to follow her reports and was replaced by Tomoka Nishimura, among the two first members cut from the group when they scaled to four from six members.


Between 1999 and 2005, Zone launched three full length CDs, seventeen hit singles, and 3 DVDs, appeared in advertisements, and had their very own TV special, in addition to attending high school. They all graduated. After playing their final concert at Nippon Budokan zone formally disbanded on April 1, 2005. On Apr 13, their greatest hits record E: A Complete Single Side was launched. The record debuted at number 1 with first week sales of about 98, becoming their first number one record on Japanese Oricon charts. In Feb 2011, Miyu, Maiko, and Tomoka declared they’d be reuniting in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Secret Base.

The group made several concert appearances and released Zone Homage in August. In Nov, Tomoka declared she’d be leaving the group due to several motives. Maiko and Miyu continued as a duet, and released Treasure of the Heart in 2012. In Feb 2013, Miyu’s agreement with RunTime Music Agency was broken up due to the firm maintaining frequent non fulfillment of obligations and unethical behavior. On the official site for RunTime Entertainment, Maiko posted on March 2 that she’d be stopping ZONE.