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Tiger air Sale information

Tiger Air Taiwan, from 11: 00 AM on September 23 to 11: 59 Sept 25, sell the particular fare to target Japan entrance and departure Taiwan line. The one way fare and the theme line is as follows. Tokyo / Haneda, Nagoya / Chubu, Okayama and Fukuoka – Taipei / Taoyuan line and Tokyo / Narita and Osaka / Kansai – Kaohsiung line 4, 777JPY, Sendai – Taipei / Taoyuan line 5, 077JPY, Tokyo / Narita and Osaka / Kansai – Taipei / Taoyuan line 5, 277JPY, Hakodate – Taipei / Taoyuan line 5, 777JPY.

Airport taxes are needed individually. Period boarding until December 31 September. The number of seats is restricted.

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