Where is Wi-Fi in Japan?


Where is Wi-Fi in Japan?

Do you look for the Internet environment such as Free Wi-Fi spot in your trip? I am always looking for them because we need the Internet environment such as Wi-Fi spot for posting photos to Social Network Services, checking the map of the destination and investigating how to ride the vehicle. In recent years, it is necessary for us in every scene.

In Japan, there are many Free Wi-Fi spot. Because the existence of Free Wi-Fi spot is not well known in Japan, the almost Japanese do not know the number of Wi-Fi Spot. Most of the Japanese are able to connect to the Internet anywhere because they have a contract with a mobile carrier. For this reason, Free Wi-Fi spot is not necessary for the Japanese. I think that it is very difficult for tourists to find Free Wi-Fi Spot as local people even does not know those.


Don’t worry. We did a survey the location and SSID of the Free Wi-Fi Spot at Sinjuku and created the map. The Free Wi-Fi map is below. At Shinjuku, there are more than 100 Free Wi-Fi Spot! This is very amazing. Many japanese company provide the Wifi service, of course it is free. In this section, we introduce the Free WiFi service which is involved Japan government.



  • You can use the Internet for free.
  • There are no limits on how long or how many times you can use the free Wi-Fi.
  • Once you register, you will be granted Wi-Fi access for two weeks before needing to re-register.
  • You will need to register your e-mail address or SNS account.

Cover Area

FREE WiFi & Tokyo ( http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/spotmap.html#)

The figure is the covered area, this service has many wifi spot. Please check the official site.

OFFICIAL SITE (Wifi spot map)

How to use

In this paragraph, we show how to use this WiFi service. (Quotation:  http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/mail.html) If you want to check the detail and use this service, please move to official website. Maybe it is easy for you to use that.








Quotaion: FREE WiFi & TOKYO (http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/mail.html)

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