Totoro cream puffs


Totoro cream puffs

The "Totoro cream puff" has been sold by only here in the world! ! There is a cream puff to be sold exclusively by the season, we are happy to enjoy again and again. Since the October to December appears to have been sold "Marron & Marron cream ", using the Waguri, you check it out!!

Healing Totoro. The souvenir for those who have children is perfect item. We are surprised to quality have been carefully taken shape. The points are stuck with Japanese materials as much as possible also.

We can only purchase in Tokyo.

basic information

· Recommended souvenir : Totoro cream puffs
· Store name : Shirahige cream puff workshop
· Address: Shirota 5-3-1  1F  and 2F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
· Telephone number : 03-5787-6221
· Rates : custard and fresh cream one 400 yen
·Official site URL: http: //


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