Shinjuku area



Some four kilometers west of the Imperial Palace, SHINJUKU is the contemporary heart of Tokyo. From the love hotel along with hostess bars of Kabukich to shop until you fall department stores and hello technology towers, the neighborhood offers a tantalising microcosm of the city. Vast Shinjuku Station, a messy mixture of 3 train terminals and connecting metro lines, splits the region into two. Addititionally there is the individual Seibu Shinjuku Station, northeast of the JR station. At least two million individuals are fed in these stations daily and spun out of sixty exits. West of the station, Nishi Shinjuku is dominated by skyscrapers.


The one to aim for is the massive Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or TMGB, a 400, 000 sq metre complex that the city is managed, designed by Tange Kenz. The complex - which include twin 48 storey towers, an adjoining tower block, the Metropolitan Assembly Hall along with a sweeping, statue lined along with colonnaded plaza - feels like Gotham City. It's worth timing your visit for twilight, to ensure you can see the multicolored lights of Shinjuku spark into actions as the setting sun turns the sky a deep photochemical orange. Of the region's other towers, the most visually striking is the new Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.

shinjuku_kabuki_imageThis dazzling fifty planes cross hatched structure, close to Shinjuku Station, houses a style and computer reports college. Still on the station west side, compressed up against the tracks heading north from the Odakyu section store, is Omoide Yokocho, meaning Memories alley. It is also known as Shomben Yokocho, a research to the time when patrons of the region several cramped yakitori joints along with bars had to relieve themselves in the needs for lack of other facilities. Do not be put off, there are toilets nowadays and the alley remains an inexpensive and atmospheric place to eat and drink.


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