Recommend Hotel Area


Recommend Hotel Area

In this article, we tell you the hotel (area) you should stay. We focus on the user around 20 ~ 45 years old, maybe going out at mid night.

The recommended area is “NAKANO”, “Koenji”, “Asagaya” and “Ogikubo”. Please see this map.

The recommend points are

  1. cheaper than central Tokyo such as shinjuku, ikebukuro, shibuya, ueno and so on.
  2. close to downtown
  3. The train works at mid night .


OK, We explain those points.

1. cheaper than central Tokyo.

The hotel of central Tokyo such as shinjuku,, and so on are very expensive, maybe you know. However, if we leave a little distance from central Tokyo, the hotel is very cheap. (a little distance : 4min-10min by the train) And the hotel of central Tokyo is booked very soon. Please check the price on the


2. close to downtown.

When you stay at “nakano”, “koenji” and so on, it is very easy for you to go to downtown such as shinjuku, ikebukuro, shibuya and so on. You can use the Chuo-Line (Japan Railway). By riding on the Chuo-Line, you can go to Shinjuku without transfer, maybe 4 min (nakano) -10 min (ogikubo). If you want to go to Ikebukuro or Shibuya, you can go there by only 1 transfer at Shinjuku. In addition, if you want to go to Tokyo terminal you don’t need to transfer, maybe you have 16 ~18 min from Nakano to Tokyo. Therefore, “nakano” ~ “Ogikubo” area is very nice location.



3. The train works at midnight.

In Japan, there are “Last (final) Train”. Almost train (line) finishes working at 11:30 – 0:00. However, “Yamanote Line” and “Chuo-Line” works until late. If you eat dinner and drink at around Tokyo terminal (Ginza area and so on), your final train departs at 0:35, very late. On the other hand, if you eat dinner and drink at around Shinjuku you don’t need to worry about the last train time as you can go back hotel by walking. We think it is good idea for you to take a taxi as the price will not be so expensive from Shinjuku. “Chuo-line” connect between east Tokyo and Yamanashi(west tokyo). It is very convenience. Why don’t you consider it?