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Language in Japan

In Japan, we speak in Japanese, maybe you know. We've studied English since we are a junior high school student. However, we hardly use English in Japan. So Japanese is not good to speak English. (Of course, some japanese people is very good at speaking English.)  The one of reason is that Japan is the island. On the other hand, recently, as a lot of foreigner comes to Japan, a lot of shop, station and so on use various languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Thai. Especially, English is anywhere. In this article, we don't introduce the origin of Japanese and grammar. we are sorry. But we introduce "magical words". If you use or speak these magical words, many Japanese listens you deeply, understand what you speak ,help you and are smile. In this article, there are a lot of Magical word in Japan. We introduce that divided the levels.


Beginner Level

You use the magical word of beginner level even if you are not able to converse in Japanese with someone. If you speak these word, many japanese are smiled. The magical word of beginner level is very easy. Please check it and try to speak.


Arigatou (ありがとう)

"Arigatou" is meaning "Thank you" in English. Japanese often use this word, and think a great deal of "arigatou". How to use this word is as same as "Thank you" in your country .



Itadaki-masu (いただきます)

Before eating we usually speak "Itadakimasu". "Itadakimasu" is the gratitude word for the food.



Gochisou-sama (ごちそうさま)

After eating we usually speak "Gochisou-sama". "Gochisou-sama" is the gratitude word for food as same as "Itadakimasu".




"Sumimasen" is meaning "Excuse me, sorry and so on" in English, has many meaning. Typically, if we talk and ask to someone you don't know, we speak "Sumimasen" at first. Example is "Sumimasen, ask and talk~". This is a formal speech.



Kon-nichi-wa (こんにちわ)

This is meaning "Hello" in English. Many foreigner know this word, maybe you know too. "Kon-nichi-wa" is very famous. However, we don't speak this word in the morning and night, we speak in the just daytime.



Ohayou-gozaimasu (おはようございます。)

This is meaning "Good morning" in English. We speak in the just morning, maybe till around 10:00.


Intermediate level

In this section, we introduce the word and sentence to use when you ask something to Japanese people. The sentence which we introduce is not correct grammer. However we (many japanese) can understand what you say. As the correct grammer is difficult to understand in a short time, we introduce the sentence we understand but not correct grammer.


Ask the location

In the trip, sometimes we lost our way. When that, what do we say or speak to someone in Japanese?

[ すみません。東京駅に行きたいのですが、東京駅はどこにありますか?]
(Sumima-sen, Tokyo Station wa dokoni arimasuka?) ]
[ Excuse me. Where is "Tokyo Station"? ]

Maybe you think, this is difficult. Don't worry. We introduce the easy sentence and word. If you want to go to "A", please speak

[ Excuse me. Tokyo Station 行きたい。]
[Excuse me. Tokyo Station どこ(ですか)?]

This is very easy. Because Japanese is only "行きたい(ikitai)" or "どこ(doko)".



watashi (私)

"watashi" is meaning "I (me)" in English. How to use this is as same as your country.



Iki-tai (行きたい)

"Iki-tai" is meaning "want to go" in English. On the other hand, that has other meaning. Usually we use that as "want to go". [tai] is meaning "want~". [iki] is meaning "go".



doko-desuka (どこですか)

"doko" is meaning "Where?" in English. If you want to go to "A", you speak "A doko?". "desuka" is the honorific.


Advanced Level (under construction)

The advanced Level is like a slang. When you are able to converse in Japanese with someone, let's use the Magical word of advanced level as a spice. If you use the magical word of advanced level sometimes, maybe many many japanese people is interested in you.


Maji? (まじ?)

"maji" is meaning "really?" in English. How to use this is as same as your country. As "Maji" is slang, we use just with friend and so on. Of course, we don't use on the business situation. However, if you use "Maji", maybe many japanese are interested in you.


In Trouble (under construction)

under construction.

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