Kyaraben / charaben (Japanese lunch boxes)


Kyaraben / Charaben

Kyaraben or charaben, a shortened type of personality bento, is a fashion of elaborately arranged bento which features food furnished to look like individuals, characters from well-known media, animals, and plants. Japanese homemakers frequently spend some time formulating their families foods, including their boxed lunches. Initially, a decorated bento was meant to support a broader variety of eating customs and to interest youngsters in their food. It's evolved to the stage where national competitions are held.




In the culinary arts, they say that display is as essential as groundwork. When making character lunches in Japan, it is all about demo. It's called "Kyaraben" or "Charaben", and goes beyond just making the meal look appetizing. Most Kyaraben are made by moms, who need to make their kid's lunches more appealing by ordering the contents of the Bento into super heroes or their favourite cartoon characters. The history of bento in Japan goes back some 900 years even though the first cartons made for bento had been the wooden lacquered boxes made throughout the late sixteenth century.


Bento box lunches have now been popular ever since, and you'll find thousands sold daily at train programs and aboard trains, but they aren't nearly as arty as "Kyaraben". "Kyaraben" will also be for family outings and excursions, and might use a motif like a train ride or car excursion to discover the image. There are various competitions "Kyaraben" for artists and their entrances are not fairly sterile and above all, not inedible.


Amazing Contest

There exists the "Yokohama Kyaraben Contest" and the "Sanrio Kyaraben Contest", both won by the same individual. Sadly for me, the site of the victor is in Japanese and I cannot be certain I interpreted her name right come up with Miho Chindonya.

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