Kawaii No.2 / Vito gelato

Vito gelato

Vito gelato

Now, in Japan, Vito gelato is very popular from young girls. As their shape and color are very cute many girls call this "Kawaii". By the way, what is "Vito Gelato"? Do you know? In this article, we tell you "Vito Gelato", is very popular from japanese young girls.

What is "Vito Gelato"?

What ViTO offers is Gelato that is mild and wholesome to our bo expires. Its exceptional feel in the mouth is every day. It's certainly ViTO's unique initial feeling being distinct from other gelato it becomes simple and go throughout the throat easily despite quite rich flavor of placing it into the mouth area at the moment.

What empowers it to have such feel in the mouth is using just preferred fixings like just milked fresh milk delivered from the dairy farmer in Aso, Kumamoto and fresh. Another variable is that we do not add much sugar, additives, control milk fat as half ice cream that is as usual. It's so refreshing that you do not need to drink water afterwards, and it's light and healthy to our bodies.


Gelateria ViTO is wholesome gelato born from the approvals of nature. It's a joyful sweets that may make from kids to adult have grins in a moment. We show brilliant gelato that change in a showcase only used for gelato in each season with ornamentation. The look of whirling by spatula for gelato after receiving order and pouring with atmosphere is just what we may see in Italy.

Eacute & our caf, is embracing Italian style. We serve in pottery cup and pull the coffee beans of ViTO, using Italian espresso machine. We constantly think of new menu of dolce food like pistachio rol, pizza, panino. Particular focus is also given by us to our store, interior design, ornamentation, gear in order to propose top quality having Italian ambience that is authentic.

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Where we can eat?

Address: WaMall building 1F, kabuki-cho 1-18-9, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Open : 11:00-23:00


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