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Kawaii is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. It has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms.

The word kawaii originally derives from the phrase 顔映し kao hayushi, which literally means "(one's) face (is) aglow," commonly used to refer to flushing or blushing of the face. The second morpheme is cognate with -bayu in mabayui "dazzling; glaring, blinding, too bright"  Over time, the meaning changed into the modern meaning of "cute", and the pronunciation changed to かわゆい and then to the modern かわいい. It is most commonly written in hiragana, かわいい, but the ateji, 可愛い, has also been appended. The kanji in the ateji literally translates to "able to be loved, can/may love, lovable."



Hello Kitty is a fictional character created by Yuko Shimizu, made by the Japanese company Sanrio and now designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She's depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat with a red bow. Soon after her development in 1974, the world was greeted by Hello Kitty with Hello! at its first merchandise. Sanrio introduced the Hello Kitty vinyl coin bag in March 1975. The character was subsequently brought to the Usa in 1976. The character is a basic of the kawaii section of Japanese popular culture. By 2010, Hello Kitty had been dressed by Sanrio into a worldwide advertising phenomenon worth $5 billion per year.



By 2014, when Hello Kitty was forty years old, she was worth about $7 million per year, all without promotion except on Sanrio's, associated show companies and ticket sales websites and at nearby places and show sites. Initially aimed at pre teen females, the marketplace of Hello Kitty has expanded to contain mature consumers. She can be discovered on many different products including school materials to finishing touches and top end consumer products. Including various diamond necklaces. Several Hello Kitty Television program, targeted towards kids, have now been made. Hello Kitty can be the chief character at the two Japanese Sanrio theme parks, the indoorSanrio and Harmonyland Puroland.

Cute(lolita) fashion

Lolita fashion is a really well known and identifiable style in Japan. Based on the Rococo period and Victorian vogue, girls blend in their very own components along with gothic style to reach the porcelain doll look. Girls who dress in Lolita fashion attempt to look innocent, adorable, and wonderful. This look is realized with ruffled petticoats, and lace, ribbons, bows, ruffles, bloomers, aprons. Chunky Mary Jane pumps, parasols, and Bo Peep collars can also be popular. Pleasant Lolita is a subset of Lolita style which includes lace, bows, and more ribbons, and is frequently fabricated from other light colours and pastels.




Another subset of Lolita fashion related to sweet Lolita is a Fairy Kei. Head dresses like bonnets or giant bows are also rather common, while lighter makeup is additionally used to reach a more natural look. Curled hair extensions, occasionally accompanied by eyelash extensions, are also in assisting with the baby doll look popular. Themes like flowers, fruits and sweets in many cases are utilized as patterns on the materials used for clothing. Bags regularly go with the themes and are formed as stuffed animals, or hearts, strawberries. Baby, the stars shine bright generally carries themes and is among the popular clothing stores for this fashion.

Mannerisms may also be significant to many Sweet Lolitas. Sweet Lolita isn't only a lifestyle, but additionally a trend. That is obvious in the film Kamikaze Girls where the primary Lolita character, eats only sweets and Momoko, drinks only tea. Decora is a fashion which is defined by wearing tons of ornamentation on oneself. It's considered to be self ornamentation. The aim of this trend is to become qualified as possible and as lively. Those who take part in this style craze wear accessories like multicolor hair pins, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. The vogue style tends to have a childlike look by adding on numerous levels of components on an ensemble.
In addition, it contains multicolor clothing and toys.

Marie -Chan

Marie Chan is the one of KAWAII, the disney character. The scheme is this. With her English butler, Edgar, and retired opera diva Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse, dwell in Paris in 1910, mom cat Duchess and her three kittens. One day while preparing her will with attorney Georges Hautecourt, Madame expresses her fortune to be left until their departures to her cats, and then to Edgar. Edgar hears schemes to remove the cats, and this through a speaking tube. So, he enters the countryside to left them, and sedates the cats by sleeping pills in their food.

There, he could be ambushed by two dogs, named Napoleon and Lafayette, while their lack is discovered by Madame Adelaide, Frou the horse, and Roquefort the mouse and cats are stuck in the countryside. In the morning, Duchess meets the kittens to Paris and an alley cat named Thomas O'Malley, who provides to direct her. The group hitchhike before being chased away by the motorist. Afterwards, while crossing a railroad trestle, the cats directly avert an oncoming train, but O'Malley falls into a river and saves Marie, himself rescued by Abigail Gabble and two English geese, Amelia, who follow the cats to Paris.

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Edgar returns to the state to recover his properties from Lafayette and Napoleon, as the only evidence that may incriminate him. Traveling through the rooftops of the city, the cats meet with O'Malley's buddy Scat Cat and his musicians, who carry out the scat tune Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat. While the kittens listen in a windowsill after the group has departed, Duchess and O'Malley converse on a nearby rooftop. Here, Duchess devotion to Madame asks her to reject the proposal of marriage of O'Malley. The kittens and Duchess return to the mansion of Madame, but Edgar puts them in a bag and prepares to ship them to Timbuktu, whereupon they direct Roquefort to recover O'Malley.

He does therefore, and O'Malley returns to the mansion, purchasing Roquefort to discover Scat Cat and his gang. This done, Frou and the alley cats fight Edgar, while Roquefort frees the kittens and Duchess. In the end of the battle, Edgar sent to Timbuktu himself and is locked in his own packing case. With Madame expressing surprise at Edgar's departure, Madame Adelaide will is rewritten to exclude Edgar. Madame creates a charity foundation home cats stray after embracing O'Malley into the family.

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