Japanese personality


About Japan

Japan is located in East Asia, there are in the island nation. The majority of the land is, it is a temperate rainy summer high temperature climate, because of the general maritime climate, comparatively, the cold of winter. There is no less stringent. In addition, behind the United States, in China, it is the third largest economy in the world. With regard to religion, Shinto is the most, in the other, is Buddhism, such as Christianity often.


Features of the personality of the Japanese people


Features of the personality of the Japanese people, very polite, without missing a greeting, a point to stick to collective action and order will be raised. In addition, a beautiful love, protect properly the time and commitment, work is also very polite. However, without saying clearly what you want to say, it is a poor self-assertion and self-expression. When viewed from the foreigners, it seems reticent. In addition, the thrift is preferred and savings spirit is also strong. And, sincere words and deeds is, has received high praise from abroad.


Nature of the Japanese men


It is the nature of the Japanese men, but enthusiastic work seriously, patiently, there is a place of work people who are interested in just work. In addition, when viewed from the people overseas, it has a sense that can take even a woman disdain. In Japan, still, because it still has the old feudal thinking, when compared with overseas, seems reflected a concern for women is small. In addition, men have most of the Japanese men a sense of'm cultivate the family but also this sense, when viewed from people overseas, it is clearly seems outdated. In addition, when viewed from the foreign women, Japanese men is like a women to be without a man, it seems to be reflected.


Nature of the Japanese women


Then this is the nature of the Japanese women, but, basically, it seems the type to follow the man often. In recent years, but all everyone has been no longer be said to be so, is likely the name is definitely that it is still a male-dominated society. In addition, care quite the appearance, always have the makeup, are also many features in Japanese women not being shown the makeup. In addition, when viewed from abroad, Japanese women, it seems real intention and supposedly, the two sides reflected the intense.


Marriage of the Japanese


Finally, for the marriage of the Japanese, we'll take. In the past, there was a social obsession that do I need to be sure to get married, in recent years, an increasing number of people who can not get married, you have a growing number of people that good in the single. When the result in marriage, men or become overbearing husband, either henpecked wife, it is often divided big. Women, become his wife, according to men, it is often made to either of or continue to live in two-income and gender equality. In Japan, it is still, many women choose a full-time housewife.

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