Japanese currency


What is Japanese Yen?

In Japan, we use “Japanese Yen” is coins and paper money. We cannot use often credit card in a shop in Japan. I think that it differs from your country because in Japan there is a strong culture using coins for cheap goods.

In this article, we explain “Japanese Yen” in order that you don’t have a trouble when you travel to Japan.


A Kind of JAPANESE Yen

Japanese Yen is composed of 6 coins and 4 paper moneys. The coins are composed of 1-Yen, 5-Yen, 10-Yen, 50-Yen, 100-Yen and 500-Yen. We want you to understand that 1-Yen is about 1-cent, 5-Yen is about 5-cent, 10-Yen is about 10-cent…
On the other hand, the paper moneys are composed of 1000-Yen, 2000-Yen, 5000-Yen and 10000-Yen.
We have a question. Can you use the paper money of one hundred dollar when you buy one dollar items in your country? In Japan, you can use the paper money of ten thousand Yen when you buy one hundred items in most of the shops. ( limited to a manned window)


Based on the laws of Japan, we edited the image .From left, 1yen, 5yen, 10yen, 50yen, 100yen and 500yen coin.


Practice how to use the Japanese Yen

Following the description of the Japanese Yen, we explain how to use Japanese Yen. We present an easy question in this section. Please practice how to use the Japanese coin.


Based on the laws of Japan, we edited the image .
If a bill is 434 Yen, which coins will you should use? What do you think....?


Based on the laws of Japan, we edited the image .
In this situation, it is the best answer that you use four 100 Yen coins, three 10-Yen coins and four 1-Yen coins. Next, we change the situation.


Why do we have an example? It is the reason that we cannot exchange the coin from foreign country to our home country basically. Therefore we think that we should use the coin efficiently. As far as possible, you try to use the coins.
However, please be carefull. You cannot use 1-Yen and 5-Yen coin in a vending machine. The example of vending machine is below.


Amazing Japanese Yen

1. Beautiful money

When you exchange the money from the currency of your country to Japanese Yen, you would be surprised that the paper money is very beautiful., straight, no fold and clean.

2. 1-Yen coin

It is requires a cost of more than 1-Yen to manufacture 1-yen coin. Threfore, in recent, 1-Yen coin has not been. It might be a good idea that you bring back 1-Yen coin to your country.

3. 10-Yen coin

10-Yen coin is present in two types, normal type or jagged 10 yen.
In Japanese, the indentation means “Giza-Giza” and 10 (ten) means “jyu”. For this reason, we call that “Giza-jyu”. “Giza-jyu” was manufactured prior to 19xx. If you get “Giza-jyu”, you might spend a lucky day.

4. Paper money of 2000-Yen

You will not be able to see the paper money of 2000-Yen because 2000-Yen hardly go on the society. If you see or get that, you are luckier than you get “Giza-jyu”.
We would like you to feel the Japanese culture from not only the food and scenery but also the currency such as coin and paper money.

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