Babymetal is a metal idol group that is Japanese. Their lineup consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as Su metal”, Yui Mizuno as Yuimetal, and Moa Kikuchi as Moametal. The concept of the group is a fusion of Japanese idol music genres and the heavy metal. Their group and the three teen girls are handled by the Amuse talent agency. Heavy metal instrumentation played by the Kami Band backs their vocals. Babymetal released their debut record of the same name in Feb 2014. Their second record Metal Resistance was released globally on Apr 1, 2016. Its style is defined by the band as a fresh music genre called kawaii metal and clarifies it’s significant metalIn the music press and a combination of J pop idol, the group is mostly linked with J pop, speed metal and the music genres death metal.

Tristan Peterson, of Metal Obsession, noted in his report on the group’s debut record This group was made for the demographics of Music your Japanese Boyfriend/Girlfriend, who does not actually like Metal, would love., as well as has made metal adorable without losing any of its edge. Patrick St. Michel from Japanese music and culture website MTV 81 commends the pure, headbang causing energy of the group live performances and explains their style as a combination of .apparently disparate sounds of heavy metal and idol pop, making music attached both by the throat fucking mauling and cuddly refrains. The magazine Metal Hammer explained their performance utilizing the rule Short skirts, school squeaky voices and girl charm, the same as in the manga comic books. But they blend the whole thing with Metal.”. Lyrical themes present in Babymetal’s music concentrate on real world problems as well as typical idol pop matters like motivating young teenagers to accept and remain true for themselves, the pressure put on adolescent girls to stay lean and additionally intimidating while in addition they sing about what it is like going to your first concert, the concept of a perfect girl and chocolate, subjects which critics say are a stage from typical lyrical styles utilized by most metal bands.

Live Performance

To dancing, vocals are all performed by the trio. Su metal is the primary vocalist, credited on the official website of Babymetal with dancing and vocals, while Yuimetal and Moametal are credited with dance and scream. The costumes of Babymetal take various signals from the popular Japanese Gothic and Punk Lolita designs, with a focus on black and red. In place of the signal of the horns, the group uses the hand motion of the kitsune to symbolise the supposed heavenly inspiration of the group. In their concerts, a backing band accompanies Babymetal. Of the Babybones, the backing band consisted in their initial phases – a group of anonymous people dressed while pre recorded studio tracks were being used in skeleton costumes that will mimick live performances.

For their live performances that they referred to as Full Metal Band – a group of live musicians dressed up in white robes and corpse paint, Babymetal debuted a live band in late 2012. They’ve since been referred to more lately and as Gods of Metal Kami Band. From late 2012 to 2014 that is early, the two groups would switch, with the Kami Band getting used more for special occasions and festival appearances. By early 2014, the Babybones group has been silently retired, and the Kami Band has since been created as the primary backing band of Babymetal. The Kami Band has consisted of a revolving lineup of musicians that were distinct since its introduction in late 2012. By late 2013, yet, the lineup has been comparatively steady, comprising bassist Boh, Leda, Mikio Fujioka, and Isao, guitarists Takayoshi Ohmura, and drummers Hideki Aoyama and Yuya Maeta with members sometimes substituting for each other if desired. Some Kami Band members have led to the music, most notably of Babymetal on their record Metal Resistance.

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