Aldious is a Japanese all female heavy metal band from Osaka, formed in 2008 vocalist Rami and by guitarist Yoshi. Following a couple of member modifications, they launched their debut EP Beloved Slave the subsequent year Bright Star Records, and shortly after formed their very own record label. Their first record Deep Exceed reached the top 15 on the Oricon chart, as did their second Decision. Nevertheless, founding member Rami declared she was leaving the group in 2012 for several motives and new singer Re: NO joined Aldious only 30 days after. They made their third record District Zero in 2013 and it became their highest planning release to date, reaching number 7.

Their fourth record Joy and Dazed peaked at their fifth Glowing An and number 20 was released in December 2015. Aldious have been labelled leaders of the Girls Metal Band Boom that started in the 2010 in Japan.


Vocalist Rami and guitarist Yoshi formed Aldious in Osaka. Rami created the name Aldious shortening the ultimate expression Melodious. In Nov they took part in the collection album Red Hot Burning Hell Vol.16, shortly after which guitar player Ruki and bassist Sawa left. In January 2009, Kaze and Toki joined as bassist and guitarist respectively, after the group released their debut four track EP Beloved Slave on Nov 7. Kaze left in December, and drummer Aruto joined in January 2010. March found the return of Sawa on bass and around this time Aldious formed Bright Star Records, their very own record label.

Their first single Defended Desire, released July 7, reached the number 4 position on Oricon’s Indies graph and the number 49 on its routine graph. In Apr, Bright Star became the group released their debut record Deep Exceed on October 13, 2010 and a sub label of Spinning. It reached number 15 on the graphs. The group’s second record, decision, reached number 13 and premiered on October 12, 2011. The tune Spirit Black was utilized as the ending theme song of the Fuji Television show Shimura Ken. The record’s single, Mermaid, was formerly released on Apr 6 and earned the number 20 position.

On June 29, 2012, it was declared that vocalist and co creator Rami would remove from the group due to health concerns. Just a month after, on August 3, Re: NO was declared as Aldious new vocalist. This lineup’s first release was the single White Crow on Nov 14, which reached number 19 and was co created by Akihito Kinoshita, leader and guitarist of the expert heavy metal band Saber Tiger. On May 15, 2013, Aldious launched their third record District Zero, that became their first release to break the top ten. Its tune Scrash became the ending theme song for the TBS Television show Position Kingdom from June to July.

It had been reported that for the record the group deliberately toned down their look and for the pure metal sound, so as to be recognized for their musicianship instead of being all female band. Their 4th single and first double A side, Dominator / I Do Not Like Me, was released on October 9 and is the group’s highest charting, having reached number 12. Their next single, Other World, peaked at number 22 and their fourth record, Dazed and Joy released on June 18, 2014, has been their lowest planning, only achieving the 20 position. In Sept 2014, Aruto declared she was leaving music and Aldious completely due to her coming marriage, which may see her going far from Tokyo, where the group is based. She remained with the group till the end of Nov 2014. Aldious declared their new drummer Marina, daughter of American drummer Terry Bozzio’s daughter, on the Apr 19, 2015.

In addition they left their parent record label Whirling at their very own request.


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